In addition to the possibility of reserving rooms at local hotels (see the About Decatur tab), fellows may choose to live in Agnes Scott College campus housing during the institute.

Rebekah Scott Hall

Summer scholars who elect to stay on campus will live in Rebekah Scott Hall, built in 1905, but very recently renovated. The rooms are air-conditioned and comfortable and are close to other campus buildings where sessions will be conducted. A “host teacher” from the English Department of a local high school will also be living in the dorm during the institute to provide information and troubleshoot, if necessary.

Costs for individual rooms in Rebekah will be $55 per night if you bring your own linens and towels or $65 per night if the college provides the linens and towels. Rooms include single (twin) beds.

Summer scholars who choose to stay in Rebekah during the institute will simply have the cost of housing deducted from the institute stipend to facilitate billing and ensure that accommodations are reserved. 

Rebekah Hallway
Entry to Rebekah Hall